Do you have a teacher like harvey weinstein? we won't be surprised

And Weinstein and the academy were silent about the sexual harassment of women. Sufficient enough

If you don't know much about it, Weinstein recently released a world-renowned film producer and co-founder

That's right. The man who supported some of your favorite movies, like,

When I set up on Wednesday night and heard about these new allegations, I couldn't help but I thought, " Well, yes. No, I don't. "

'Powerful, White Man Degrades Innocent Women' is a bad, but de facto headline. It's a wicker on the front pages of the newspapers and digital media. But nothing new. Many high-profile men have been accused of sexual crimes for years.

Given all these widespread privileges in the media, we are likely to talk about the abuse of sexual benefit by some men in extreme positions of power

Important: sexual abuse has absolutely nothing to do with sexual desire; and everything that can do with power over those who are most vulnerable

Scandal Weinstein is not only a personal problem compounded by the media. This is a very big political problem

In the entertainment industry, the exploitation of women in sexual and financial terms is being promoted. In this industry, there is a long history of hypersexualization of female performers and additions to their work with relatively mediocal wages. In fact

The point is that Scandal Weinstein is not only a personal problem, which is exacerbated by the media. This is a very big political problem

Surveys like Weinstein are just by-products of sexist systems

Men have traditionally been dominated by powerful organizations such as the media, jobs and academia. These institutions often benefit men against women. Surveys like Weinstein are just by-products of sexist systems

In view of the more pressing issues related to the Wenstein scandal related to the minimal and unconnected women's issue. Consequences that exist in the field of entertainment or even in the education system

So, Weinstein has been attacking and worrying women for years. Only now he comes to the surface, because the higher level of women, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, are pressing charges of misconduct

This week, the media's questions were "who knows?"and " who didn' t say anything? "

Women have nothing to gain from lying about sexual harassment and sexual harassment. And many women cannot speak out of fear of standing in front of those who have financial and social leverage over them. Victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment must participate in their communities

Because when we can't afford one victim, we set a precedent for how we treat the next

It is also important to note that sexual assault and harassment can be very important when the offender dominates Hollywood. On a much smaller scale, the charges of assault in schools are often elusive under the petals

For example, a teacher at the Faculty of Theater, John Nabben, has recently been fired from the school of Walkerville. His dismissal was prompted by several allegations of emotional and sexual abuse

2 October

"The students are accused of being a student of students and making inappropriate comments, which may include that one of the students in the theater department does not act" sufficiently sexually "and makes its work" more orgasmic "during its monologue."

Six students have difficulty recognizing that their problem is legally recognized

The article also states that the student accused him of playing with her hair during the rehearsal, and even sent her a text message, "I love you"

Naben's actions were the subject of a conversation between the student body, but that was not enough. Six students have difficulty recognizing that their problem is legally recognized

The film producers and teachers can hold power, but their social and economic positions have absolutely no effect on the violation

The only way to deal with these types of errors is to actively talk about them and expose them. Because if we don't, we'll just forget them

For victims of sexual violence on campus, there is no right or wrong way to deal with trauma and pain. But there is

Those who do not feel comfortable with friends and family should know that there are other available resources. You have health professionals at the Student Wellness Centre or even the police

Many student unions are guaranteed

What's Harvey Weinstein listing? Safe lines of communication are open to victims. Their stories are common and are taken seriously

Victims of sexual violence should never be ashamed of themselves. It's a world that should be better. That's not true

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