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We recently conducted a nationwide poll that asked Canadian students about their future career. Of the more than 1,300 students surveyed, the highest industry sector was in health and 27 per cent more. From there we asked students to get information about the work they would like to get after secondary high school. Number two, you figured out that it was the nurse who was right for teaching

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With the help of its own campus, which is off campus, the University of Ottawa takes its care seriously. It is officially linked to the Ottawa Hospital and the Eastern Ontario Children's Hospital. According to the Ottawa Hospital: "Students of medical sciences and medical sciences are studying at work in the hospital in Ottawa"

"I have a lot of comfort in protecting the work I want to get, given that I'm in a professional nursing program," Nikki said. The care programme is largely based on hospital experience and works very well to ensure that all are well prepared after graduation in the health sector. "

If you are looking for practical experience at the university level, it is no longer at the University of New Brunswick. With the help of the province's large medical facilities opposite the University of St. John, the campus is now located in New Brunswick, a medical school that functions as a partnership between the Government of New Brunswick, the University of New Brunswick and the Medical Faculty of Dalhai. "

Jessica, Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the United States, states: " The nursing program is a very handheld program. We work and we study at the local hospital for three days every week! "

"I think that the UNB Fredericton is a beautiful campus with great academic opportunities," explains Brandy (Brandy), another medical student (UNB). " There are a lot of programs, but now I'm in the nursing program, and I really like it. This programme is more focused on the social aspect of caring for the sick and socio-economic diversity in Canada. "

"I can say with confidence that for the nurses ' program, in particular, the percentage of Western students employed six months after graduation is more than 90 percent," said Michelle, a science graduate at the University of Western Europe. " The programs in Western Europe are quite well known, and their programs of cooperation and accommodation are well known for what I have gathered with the old students. The possibilities of working in London are quite large, especially in the health sector, as there are three major hospitals. "

Morgana, another nurse in the west, agrees, " All your professors are so hospitable and eager for your success as you do. I had the pleasure of being in some small program, and all my professors knew me by name! "

In the late 1960's, the Calgary University of Calgary adopts its health programmes and, in particular, serious scientific research. In general

According to students at the University of Calgary, Nathalie said: " As patients, we have practicality in hospitals of the 3rd and 4th year. This gives us ample employment opportunities, and most of the students employ where they have a final practice. "

One of the most respected universities in Canada, the Queen's University, is considered the fifth best for the "strongest graduation network" and the 7th best for "the most fun school"

"The Nurses program has a lot of resources," said Sarah, a nurse student at the Queen. " The faculty and the lab instructors are always ready to meet the students to help them achieve. There are several libraries and places for training, but it is almost impossible to get an area during the exam unless you arrived early in the morning. All this is an amazing school, recommendation 10/10! "

The well-known Ingram School of Nursing (Inggram School) is located in 1920. The Center for Health of McGill University is, in fact, connected to five (!!) various Montreal hospitals, and he has more than 1,000 students every year, studying his health programme. In addition, it had recently completed a $1.6 billion redevelopment project. (In United States dollars)

" McGill has almost every resource you may need on campus. You will be guaranteed to be in Rez during your first year, and the nutrition plan gives you access to dining halls and a variety of other dining options on campus. There are a lot of libraries in it, and you'll always be looking for a new "secret" study in a campus that works for you. Your fees include access to the recreen complex and access to the McGill gym in less than a month in any other room, " says another McGill student

McMaster made his name for his health science programs. That was so much

" The McMaster Care Program and any medical-related programs have such tremendous reputation as Sarah, a student nurse, McMaster. Hamilton City Hospital is a place where you can find work after finishing school-love for students at McMaster Hospital! "

UBC has ranked high in Canada and the world for its research and global research, including seven Nobel laureates and our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. UBC Vancouver has a study college for Health Disciplines, which houses care, pharmacology, medicine, dentistry, dentistry and occupational therapy on the same campus, helping in cross-programme development/training

Ayla, a UBC student, says, " As a nurse, I had a lot of clinical opportunities that allowed me to get wonderful references. I have no doubt that I will be able to get a job after completing my studies because of the career that I get and the network I was able to do while I was at school. "

"I'm in the nursing program, and so far all the teachers are so accessible," says Lindsey, another student at UBC. " They care about your success. You just need to be able to communicate with what you need to get your goals. They are an excellent resource. "

When it comes to care, the University of Alberta is one of the best not only in Canada, but also in the world.

"The U.S. Patio Care Program is the fourth largest in the world, and it shows!" says Angela, a student at the University of Alberta. " Teachers are part of the program and have the experience they want to share. You can approach them and contact them differently (e-mail, office visits, texts ...). In general, the university is deeply rooted in research, and you can see it in other faculties. "

The most famous university in Canada, U T is world-known when it comes to health programmes. I see

"Teachers in my program can be very accessible (except perhaps one), and they are ready to answer any questions I have," explains Ivy, a medical student at U T. " My program is a skill and includes a lot of critical thinking-we had lots of practical exercises so that we could practice the skills we learned in the classroom. We also had places that enabled us to develop our skills, critical thinking and knowledge. "

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