Sickkids nurer recruiter, a former nurse who tells you how to get your hair at the first level hospital

If you want to be a nurse, that's what you need to impress one of the hospitals of One Hospital

Sadaf Aslam hired nurses from all over the world. While working in Abu Dhabi, she hired dozens of world-renowned nurses from Australia, Britain, the United States and Canada. Aslam's been there lately

She spoke to us to provide all the nurses/nurses with an internal line to the application process, what recruiters are looking for, and how to get out of the system and get a job. In case you missed it, here's our latest ratings

First, the cover letter should be topnotch. You must be able to express your interest in our hospital. For example,

I would also like you to follow the instructions in the message. Sometimes there are very specific instructions, especially for new nurses

In the summary, the first thing I'm looking for is their education. Their bachelor's degree in nursing. And then I'll look at their clinical locations. It's really important. I would look for an exhibition in pediatric clinics in which other hospitals, and see if they're level 1 hospitals. I'm looking for someone with that kind of environment

Clinical premises are very important ... It's mostly telling us if you can handle it or not

Clinical premises are very important. I think if a nurse wants to choose a university, they should have the idea of what kind of clinical placement they're going to get, as it will determine where you're going to get your job at the end of the day. In general, it says if you can handle it or not

Another thing I'm looking for is their volunteer experience. It really helps me break up with some of the candidates separate from the others. It shows how interested they are in their careers. How hot are they

If you have an idea in which you want to enter the care area and you have clinically placed you, you really want to succeed on the next career track after you finish your work

It is very important for nurses to have good skills. Good communication skills

Critical thinking is critical. The way you have demonstrated critical thinking is the most important in terms of soft skills for nurses. The ability to deal with stressful situations. It's a very complicated environment. You have to prepare yourself. I'm talking about SickKids Hospital, which is at Level 1 hospital, and you're looking for serious cases. You talk to parents and children, you also need to switch your way of communication

It's usually the same

The new nursing certificates are generally used twice. They must apply for the hospital and then

Give examples very important. It shows you can demonstrate conflict resolution skills or your time management skills

The next step, if selected, will be included in the HR interview. It's usually half an hour. The questions will cover their soft skills. Questions that ask them why they are interested in working at the hospital. Why they're passionate and how they showed that during training. We provide situational issues based on the scenarios and what they will do. Every time you answer a question with one of the examples you've already passed through, you can go all the way. Give examples very important. It shows you can demonstrate conflict resolution skills or your time management skills

In the second round, it will be established that they are a successful candidate or not. One thing they started doing last year is the calculation of drugs. They run a test to ensure their ability to compute drug control. This will be about behavior issues. It'll be about what you found in your clinical settings. They test your ability to quickly and confidently carry out your things, and how confident you are. They will dig deep into your clinical locations and what you've learned. And at the end, there's gonna be a clinical trial

Yeah, but it's up to the hiring manager to be honest. Some people like to ask questions on the basis of the scripts, and some people just know what you have experienced and learned. And a combination of behaviic issues

If I was him, I'd try to see if I wanted to work with the kids or not. Or adults. If you're dealing with children, sometimes the kids don't want to explain what they're feeling. You must understand and be patient. And you have to deal with their parents. Do you agree with that? If you decide whether you want to make a paediatrician or an adult, start volunteering accordingly

I'll tell you that the refrots are huge in our hospital

If you have an idea of the hospital in which you want to work, you become an administrative assistant. I'm an administrative clerk. Access the environment. We'll use it. It'll give you a hand. I'll tell you that the murals in our hospital are huge. If you do your current clinical research and take the initiative, it's a long way. Managers will be able to contact me and say, "Look at this candidate."

No matter what you decide towards the end of your sister program, you want to do something else, whatever it is, even if you don't have the resources to care for the sick, I think it's important

I think one more aspect is to do most of your clinical sites. Health is a small community, and your reputation begins with your first placement. You made an impression. It could really go a long way, because the refirs are going a long way

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