Do it: how teaching myself is opening doors

No, it's not a Nike campaign, but I hope she motivates you so you can get off the couch and do something

Chances, if you're 22 years old, like me, you don't know what you're doing. You feel it's called life. You have one minute, and then you're on the opposite side, put out the way you slipped and fell in the first place

That's the beauty of youth. You are allowed to make mistakes and make mistakes. I am trying to prove that new attempts may lead you to surprising and unexpected opportunities

I will go to my third year of industrial design in Hamer College, but I'm already working as an assistant in marketing with the Academic Center and a successful career center. I also started working with the main marketing collector collector/photographer I started in September

It's funny that these concerts have nothing to do with my program. They're based on a skill that I taught myself in free time for fun

We're programmed to think that the school will teach us all that we need to know about the real world, but it's just not. That's how some of the things I've been trying to make my own have opened up some big doors

Thing I Tried #1: Beatboxing

When I was younger, I'd get sick with my Lego legs and make giant robots that weren't called in the instructions. I thought that meant I'd be a good engineer, but in the first half of level 11, I realized it wasn't for me. Too technical and I'm not the biggest fan of math

As you can imagine, it really will put me in an existential rout. All my friends were going to college at the time, and I felt like I was left behind. It's a place where my life includes boxing

When my first girlfriend at the time, Tori, who became one of my closest friends, introduced me to her in 2011, I was amazed. Part of me thought I couldn't do it, because it was so hard at the time, but I said, "You're going to do it."

 "First, it was a fun hobby, but he started to grow into one of my passions."

I never thought I'd go with him, just for fun and distracting myself from things like breaking and stress in school. At first it was a fun hobby, but it started to grow in one of my passions

I began to speak everywhere and everywhere, whenever I could, regularly get up in front of the crowd every month

To rewind to this day, and it has had a big impact on my life. In the last four years, I have completed the work of 16 best friends in the country, I have made a whole new set of friends, and I have received a lot of confidence

In fact, in the middle of an interview, I had one employer who was very amusing

Thing I Tried #2: Photography

Around the same time I started bowling, I started taking pictures in the picture. All I would do is take a picture of the sunset, because that's what I was a cecican at that time (I'm still, to be honest)

After choosing my first DSLR in December 2011, I spent several months photographing buildings, landscapes and other sunny in my hometown of London, Ontario (sup, UWO?)

YouTube really helped, because there were training materials, such as

The teaching and the company "Photomstore" and "Lytroum" proved useful in developing their own style and improving the quality of my work. It helped me show some of the products I developed for my portfolio

On the smaller side, I took photographs of LinkedIn for many of my classmates last semester since most of them were looking for an internship. The most interesting work I have chosen now is the CIBC, the leading partner of the SLN. I plan to shoot them in the near future and I can't wait to do it!

Thing I Tried #3: Video Editing

On all the video platforms, YouTube has always been my favorite. My whole obsession has begun

Soon the word spread out both in the classroom and in my office on the Humber, where I created videos, and people started noticing my work. One thing leads to the next, and that's how I got into a videographer with the help of Humber Marketing

So, what's the message here?

If you want to learn something, just learn it

For some time, to teach you everything you can know about it. This cannot be linked to what you are studying at school, but it may prove useful in the near future. You never know where he'll help you, and who you're going to date because of this

I never thought I'd be boxing, photography, video-adoption, industrial-projectionist/student marketer when I was a kid, but that's how my life hasn't been built in the last few years

I don't have any idea where I'm going to go (please don't ask me what I want to do after I graduate), but I think I'm looking at a lot of different creative outlets right now!

You have to teach yourself these things. You have to learn how to expand your skill set, especially when you're young. There's no better time than now to experiment with what life can offer

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Adam Dimla is an industrial design student at Humber College, whose camera and creative eye skills have dropped him off to work with a school marketing team. He is also one of the 16 best boxers in Canada