We're all at the university

There's a learning curve in every new season. The college adjustment could be a little overwhelming. For many students, this is the first time you walk away from home, the first time you juggle debt, and this may even be the first time you have to share a bathroom. Time for separation!

Although we can't give you tips about sharing with the bathroom, we can share some useful tips for preventing unnecessary mistakes that students make during post-school education

It's an 8-hour clock. Monday morning classes

Unlike a high school, the most enjoyable in the university is that you can (mostly) establish your own schedule. You can decide when to take classes and even from whom. The race to reach the high-percentage-class taught by the most soft and living professors is competitive. Maybe every place for this "popular" class, but you have a place on the waiting list

If you are not sure that you are definitely the morning person (you know, some crazy person who wakes up at dawn with a smile on his face), there is no reason for you to register at 8 in the morning. It's Monday morning. On Mondays you have a lot of effort, and there is no reason why you should start this day so early. Rule of thumb: try to stay away from 8 o'clock in the morning. The worst

All evening classes

Instead of making your charter, the dehydrated brain remembers the unwise amount of material, let' s think about the expert's assessment of what you should focus on. Po

Shopping Grocery, when you're hungry and brook

As a student juggles school work, social life, campus responsibilities, and perhaps even part-time, shopping at the grocery store (along with other self-service concerns such as laundry) can be the last stop on the list of priorities. You may have spent most of your budget on booze and coffee, and you're up to the last microwave pizza

"You may have spent most of your budget on drink and coffee, and you could use the last of your microwaves."

Avoid these desperate hangovers and try to make sure that you have some snacks before you get hungry and broke the grocery store hungry and ruined. There is nothing worse than watching sook with hungry eyes and an empty bank account. If you're stuck in a desperate situation, before you actually get to the store, miss the quick grocery list. Do not come out of your list and let your eyes wander on the creature. No matter what your stomach might say, your dinner should not consist of a large-sized box of ice cream and wet ice cream. Although, yum!

Focus on cereals only

School is obviously the most important part of college experience. But if you spend all of your time in the library yourself, you may not be in a relationship and life memories that make "college experience" so valuable. Not to mention, college is a very big time to start thinking about your career and how to position yourself and build your network before you finish your job. Unfortunately, there will be no direct A

Look for features and networking events in your area. Follow the steps to establish a connection and establish a connection to it

Campus clubs and collectives are also a great way to meet new friends, to celebrate their social life in high gear and to create long-term memories. Not to mention that colleagues are a great way to meet strangers (no raw materials are needed). Do something crazy, step out of your comfort zone and make your semesters of your work experience

Ignored Resources

If the professor is inviting you, do it. They can be incredibly valuable mentors and resources that could be assigned to you when you need it. You never know when you will need a recommendation for an internship program, a graduate school or even a job. It's always better if the Professor knows a little bit about you before you ask them for a reference letter

The same goes for librarians! Believe it or not, access to trained research is expensive. Most students ignore the library and experienced library professionals when they write research. Instead of referring to Wikipedia or Google, try to get out of the campus library and talk to a professional who knows how to get around some books. It could be something that's crowing your "B" paper

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