Need a job after school? take it easy on selfie

Obtaining work after completion of studies

In fact, the Canadian youth unemployment rate

I mean, if you're doing it right

According to the new study

Surprisingly, one silver lining in another darkness of the economy is the social media sector. Despite the general dark place of work, the report

We all know that social networks play a huge role in customer service and marketing efforts in virtually all industries. The demand for young professionals who understand social networks and how business can use social media is enormous. In fact, according to McKinsey's estimates, by 2018, the U.S. may face a deficit of 1.5 million analysts and data managers to cope with the flow of data to their businesses

Statistics: Youth unemployment rate is about 13 per cent. Secondary school graduates have an average debt of $28,000. SCHA

Who has the right to fill the vacancy for thousands of years? Students who were born between 1980 and 1980 until the early 2000s are ideal candidates for most of the digital communications jobs, because they grew up on these platforms. In fact, 90% of new assignments next year will require information and communication technology skills. Social networks have even named one of the three basic digital skills needed for a company's success in a recent study

It's a virtual gold mine for colleges and digital natives. For the use of the Internet, most millennia is used

Most of the young people who use social media more care for their friends than to attract potential employers. This may explain why selfie thrives on the Internet

What's "Grad"? For Starters, Don't Hide

It is important to remember that everything you will post on the Internet will remain on the Internet. Consider that future employers, family members, mentors and professors can find what you need if they really want to. Because people are hiding behind private accounts or protected tweets, these parameters do not necessarily keep them secret. Even though it might seem a little strange, there's really no reason to hide from social networks. In fact, if you know and understand how to use social networks, you can use them to do a new job, but you don't need to resume it

Tips for using Social Media in the Land Dream Job

At the same time, you can connect to Twitter almost from any person in the world without the help of gatekeeper. You don't need to get through this

Are you sure you want to be a transmitter, developer, or developer? I'm sure the people you dream of tweeting their way through life right now. Go and start a conversation! Start with the message about what you like in their work. A nice compliment can come a long way, and you'll never know where it can lead you to the next one. After you have exchanged several tweets, go to step further and direct message to get more specific and exchange e-mail

Instagram is a big community to demonstrate your creativity and to connect with other talented artists around the world. Just like I like to rock comedy rocks

As soon as Mother started, Facebook has become a lame, small brother in the world of social networks. Regardless of what you think of Facebook, whether you use it or not, make sure that your privacy settings are correctly adjusted so that unwanted users should not go through all the photos tagged last week. Even better, go and report yourself from every photo in the wound. Trust me, you're better

Even better, go and report yourself from every photo in the wound. Trust me, you're better

Keep your profile on Facebook, neat, tidy, and not update. I know I'm gonna lure him into a raging, like you love or love to hate Pumpkin, but trust me, it's better if you just don't

If you had a magical golden ticket in the social network to land your next dream, then LinkedIn would have been. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, start it (no matter what you've hunted or not). Make sure you have a professional photo uploaded to the server (no selfies!), turn on the biography and at least the last job you were working on. If you've never worked, volunteer positions are just as valuable to make sure you've included it. Start with the professors, the firmware, the babysitter, your mother's friends, and someone else you can think about! You never know who can lead you to the next great projection

Remember, it's easy to use selfies. Your future employer is watching

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